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Our aim at petitions uk is to undertake and fund quality research in diseases which still blight many of the worlds population. Our in-house team is involved in:

  • Identifying potentially important biomedical projects
  • Publishing scientific papers on biomedical aspects of the illness
  • Producing high-quality professional reviews and reports
  • Presenting research at meetings and conferences
  • Facilitating research applications by established researchers to grant-awarding bodies.

'Government must let MPs control e-petitions'
The government should let go of its e-petitions system and give control to the Commons, a new report has urged.

If you would like to know more about medical research in the UK, or about the Coalition for Medical Progress, please visit www.medicalprogress.org, Personal Injury and the Petition Medical News Centre.

Thank you for visiting the Petition website. The Petition is now closed for new signatures, but please do take time to read some of the comments left by other visitors to this site. If you have a story to tell about how research using animals has benefited you or your family, please share it with us at info@medicalprogress.org.

Useful medical research results can be achieved by using computer programms and by studying cells and tissues of patients. Research using animals must be regulated.


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The People's Petition was designed to protect your privacy. You could sign up with just your first name and the town where you lived. To prevent multiple sign-ups, and ensure the petition was credible, the site did record and securely store your email address and IP address.





The Coalition for Medical Progress was a broad alliance of organisations that did share the common aim to ensure the UK did continue to lead advances in human and animal medicine. The role of CMP was to help explain the case for medical progress and the benefits brought about by animal research.


It is great that the majority of people finally have a way to express their views against the minority who think they have the right to intimidate others who suppert testing on animals for medical research



We have now written non-technical summaries of all the research projects sponsored by MERGE to date.


These should help readers without a medical or scientific background better understand these recent advances.
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Our research publications database consists of the summary data (including abstracts) of over 3,000 research publications on "ME" and "CFS".